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Paso Robles Cabernet

This is one of those very rich Cabs you’ll know immediately originated in California.  Daou grows their wines in the warm weather of Paso Robles and this one has a very big, but dry, red currant, brambly flavor.   The structure of the wine is perfect – big, rich taste but it seems as if the acids and tannins are perfectly in balance.  It will stay on your palate for a very long time.  You’ll want to open this one early as it really does get better with time.


This wine is an interesting red blend – 62% Petite Sirah, 18% Zinfandel and Syrah and a bit of Lagrein.  But it tastes delicious and is a rich, intense flavor of blueberry, cherry and plums.  You might get a bit of lavender and tobacco along with some spiciness.  This wine is for those who prefer a big, robust flavor palate.

Both of these wines would pair well with almost anything red meat on the grill.  They might overwhelm lamb a bit, but ribs or a steak would be terrific.